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Hellhound Trailer

A lovebites production

author Rue Volley


Book One: Halo Bay has had nothing but bad luck with men her whole life, from a cheating High School boyfriend to the abusive one she just stabbed through the eye. Fatally wounded from her last fight with him, she falls unconscious, only to wake in purgatory with two choices before her. Sew her own eyes and mouth shut and wander around purgatory for an eternity, or, follow an extremely hot man, by the name of Gunner, to Hell. There she will train to be a "Hellhound", a hunter of all things nasty that escape Hell and go topside. Only with this can they try to redeem themselves and possibly gain their freedom. Settling into her new life as a HELLHOUND is almost easier than the amazing love affair just starting to grow between her and Gunner. His inability to open up, and her problems with trust, tend to make things difficult. Not to mention, she has another who admires her, the Prince of Fire himself, Lucifer. Halo becomes frustrated and makes a fatal mistake that could cost her everything.

Book Two: In 'Dogs of War' we rejoin Halo Bay and the Hellhounds as they adjust to an unexpected loss. Weakened and feeling as if they may be losing the battle, the Hellhounds reach out to the most unlikely of creatures...that of the vampires. At Ari's insistence, two very powerful vampires are called upon to help them.

Hunter, who has a sordid past with Dorin and Vanessa, Queen of the vampires and daughter to Dracula himself. As they struggle to solidify their new alliance, Halo finds she has to barter with the only thing she truly owns. Herself. This is a deal that Lucifer is eager to seal and, blinded by love, Halo may be stepping into a plan set in motion centuries before she even existed.

Will she restore the balance between Heaven and Hell? Or will be become the final seal?

Book Three: Waking up in Hell is not where anyone wants to be, but this is exactly what has happened to Halo Bay. After being tricked into a lustful night of pleasure she now accepts her new responsibility as a caregiver to a child she finds impossible to hate. Just as she starts to regain her strength, a new player enters the game that may cause her to let her guard down when she needs it the most. After a daring attempt at freedom she will soon discover that her feelings will need to be set aside if she is to fulfill her obligations as a protector of humanity and a branded Hellhound. Vampires, Hellhounds and Werewolves will need to unite as one, if they plan to defeat the ultimate enemy that is rising from the depths of Hell itself. As the blood moon hangs high in the night sky the true fight for humanity will begin.

Book Four: This book contains TWO origin stories.

"The Long Ride to Hell"

Long ago, in a time of War, a great man ruled with an iron fist, that of Vlad the Impaler. His armies vast and his lands growing but it was not at his own hand, it was led by Dorin, The Red Dragon.

Dorin served Castle Bran and his Lord with an unwavering loyalty. His strength absolute and his armor impenetrable, except for one thing, his forbidden love for Vlad.

With war subsiding and a bright future of peace on the horizon, Lady Illona is sent to Castle Bran to bind their nation's houses as one. As a wedding looms, Dorin finds that his love cannot be contained and it sets a series of events into motion that will seal his fate and that of the legend of Dracula, forever.


Long before man existed, other beings did, that of the angels of Moriah.

Moriah was a beautiful planet on the outskirts of the Andromeda system and if it was not for war, it would have been a true heaven.

As with all things, every being fights for survival and the angels of Moriah had done just that for all of 200 years. Led by Elohim and that of El, their army of the Helios Guard defended the planets greatest resources, that of water and iron.


Want to learn more?


A novel in two weeks? Yes, I did.

This is the EXACT dance I did at 3:12 a.m. Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Okay, so the process is not done yet, but I actually received a few FB PMs about my post. Most PMs were good, some sad and others were very encouraging!! 

One said, "OMG I wish I could do that!! You amaze me!" Me: GURL STOP!! LOL

Another said, "You are reminding me what a slacker I am! Me: Psst...So am I!

The one that stuck with me most said, "I WISH I had that much free time, energy & creative brain power!" Me: Say what now?

Let's start with the FREE TIME:

I love the support and messages, but I must tell you. I didn't have the time, I forced the time to bend to my will and be my B*&$^! I work full-time or something like it. Mon-Thurs from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. and every Sun for 10 hours from 7:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. I'm supposed to have Fridays off, but over time has me working 6 days a week. I only have Saturdays off and to me, that doesn't count because I work from until 6 a.m. on Saturday and have to work 10 hours the next day. Now, I am glad I have a job, many don't, but I DON'T want to be there 6 days a week. I don't care how much they pay me!

Then there is my Mister :) Anyone with a hubby, BF, GF, etc... knows that if you work 6 days a week ALREADY your lovah is going to expect you to spend the ONLY day you have off with them or at least, part of the day, so when instead, you open your laptop and place ear buds in your ears and ignore him or her, expect some trouble in paradise.

My Mister's face when I power up the Mac...again.

So, I didn't & I did have free time. Why both? Because I sacrificed time with my Mister, friends and family, sleep, personal time and did I say SLEEP? 

This was my writing schedule:

Work: 11p.m. to 6 a.m.

Writing: 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Sleep: 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Writing: 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Eat, shower, and maybe watch half a movie with the mister WHILE I kept the laptop open.

•Refer to the OMG gif above•

10 p.m. Ready up for work.

11 p.m. work while plotting out my next chapters and praying I didn't forget anything.

^^I did this for 12 days.^^

Now, let's address ENERGY

I didn't have any...

 Moving on to Creative Brain Power

 I had the idea to write a novel like this when I was cruising on FB looking at a page called, Swirl World and I thought, what if two people who had never met in person fell in love with each other? Then I was like, "Nah, too contemporary & too boring!" Also, I've seen books with a similar plot, but I have never read them. Then I was like, "What if a dude in the KKK fell for a black chick?" I was getting there! I went to work and ran my idea by a co-worker who I like to call my MUSE. Over the two weeks, I explained in detail what was happening to Katie and Logan and listened as she gave her advice and opinions. I also interviewed a few ex-cons willing to give me some insight on what happens during that parole process, I spoke to a few peeps who worked in a prison and I watched a documentary or two.  

After a week, I had 30,000 words and I was proud of myself. However, I was tired, I'd missed a swim day with my sister and nephews, the Mister: refer to the OMG gif and did I say I was tired?

By the time the second week came around, I was ready to put the book up. I'd only planned to write 20,000 words to get a head start on my 70,000-word goal for Camp NaNoWriMo. Instead, I am writing book two for NaNoWriMo. Anyways, it's 9 a.m. and I'm tired so I'll get right to the point -she says after all that writing- I'm no superwoman and I am not typically a fast writer. I just had an idea and I sacrificed a lot of time to write it. That's all. 

So, if I can do it, so can you. I know that sounds corny, but it is true. Good luck and happy writing!!