Sinners in the Dark | Teaser

I want you, all of you, but not until you are ready. And just because nothing comes of our coupling, doesn’t mean I won’t respect you as a fighter, and most of all as a survivor.
— Echo

Lightly edited and subject to change.

She looked at him wide-eyed. “You are asking me to sleep with you, and in return, you will give me money and skills.” She waved her hands around in exasperation. “First off, you can forget the money; I can get that from Austin. I want the skills you promise no one else can teach, but I don’t want to whore myself out for it!” Her bright eyes speared him, and he smiled. She growled. “See? You like it when I’m angry!”

She turned to leave, but Echo moved faster. He raced across the room and grabbed Via’s arm. Turning her around, he ducked as her fist made its way to his face, and blocked the knee headed to his crotch. He pushed her against the wall, pinning her arms behind her back and her legs with his, then leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“You are damn right, I like it when you’re angry. I like it when you get that glint in your eyes and tell me just how things are going to be.” He pressed his body closer to hers until he could feel the warmth of her skin through his thin T-shirt. She struggled and he held her hands tighter. He’d never force her. He’d never force any woman. At that point, he was just protecting his dick from some unwanted handling.

            “Get off me,” she said through gritted teeth. Echo rubbed his lips against her cheek. She smelled so damned sweet. How any man could stand to be around her and not, at least, want to taste her lips amazed him.

            “Not until you listen to what I am truly offering you.” He moved back just enough to look her in her eyes. Two laser beams bored through him, searching for his most intimate secrets. He’d keep them guarded, locked away. Echo could hear her heart racing in her chest from either anger or attraction. He wanted her all the more.

            Via released a shuddering breath. “I know what you are offering.”   

            He chuckled as she squirmed. “No, you don’t, Via. I am not asking you to be my whore.” He hoped she believed him. He was asking for a part of her that she saved and kept tucked away—her trust. Echo desired sex as well, but he wanted it with her and for some reason the thought of another man having it bothered him. “I’m not asking if I can get off and be done, and I’m not asking to tie you up to a bed and spank you.” Although he’d definitely do the latter, if she allowed him.

          Via stopped moving, and he hoped she was listening.

          “I’m asking to fuck you, yes, but I also want to make sure you are pleased. I’m selfish everywhere else in my life, but Via,” he released her hands and positioned them around his waist, “I’m not selfish in bed, not where it counts. I won’t be the only one enjoying the night.”

       Echo placed a testing kiss on her lips. He could taste her breath and feel her heartbeat; pleased when every bit of fight left her body and molded to his. Her lips parted in a moan, and he took advantage by lightly brushing his tongue across them before exploring her warm mouth.