Only 11 more days until Indelible's release!

Amazon has already listed Indelible's paperback here, but if you are looking for the e-book version, you'll have to wait a bit longer! Take a second to read an excerpt of  Indelible while you wait.

       The sound of Trent’s weight bench woke Teal from a peaceful slumber. The clang of metal reminded her she needed to hit the treadmill. Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise had helped in lowering her blood pressure, which lessened the dizziness and headaches that had once plagued her.

        She rolled over in Trent’s large bed, her body felt light and loose, rested and sated. Maybe she would get up and go for a jog. But the second her feet hit the floor, Teal knew she would do nothing other than make a quick cup of coffee, and sit on Trent’s back patio with Katie’s manuscript in hand.

      Teal hopped in the shower and dressed in one of Trent’s shirts. Glancing at the clock, she realized they had more than five hours of alone time before company was set to come over— as Trent had changed their plans for the evening, by inviting Violet and Poe over for some barbeque and fireworks.

She made her way to Trent’s spare room, just as he sat down his weights.     “God and heaven.” She gave him a playful smile. “You think you could bench press me too?” Trent darted up and pulled Teal into his arms. Making his way back to the bench, Teal struggled.   “Dammit. Put me down, I was just joking.”

      Trent stilled as he sat on the bench. “You know there is a third room in this house.”

      Confused by the sudden change in his demeanor, Teal turned to look at him.      “Okay, so you have a three bedroom, two bath house.”

      He leaned back. “Yeah, it was mainly for storage, and I didn’t even claim it as a room until . . .”

She raised a brow and waited quietly, playing with his tanned skin. Pressing her fingers gently into his flesh, she pulled them away and watched as her fingerprints slowly disappeared.

      “It was supposed to be the baby’s room.” Surprising her, Trent sat up and pulled her into his lap. Placing a hand over her belly. “Are you on birth control?”

Shocked by his question, Teal could only nod. She watched as he looked away, then back to her stomach. Teal sat quietly as he caressed her soft belly. Shock and fear spread throughout her.

      “It can be a home office for me. It’ll give me more time at home with you.” His added words gave her some relief. Until Trent’s eyes met hers. “Hey, don’t think the baby subject won’t come up again.”

Teal narrowed her eyes at him. She made to move from his lap, but his arm felt like a steel band as he pulled her back, tethering her to him. She growled. “First, kids are a conversation for much further in the future. And second, let me go.” She struggled a bit, before realizing he would not give in.

      Trent squeezed tighter. “How far in the future?” His voice unwavering.

      Teal craned her head back to look at him. “Way in the future.”