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A simple touch, or a softly spoken word in his ear, and he was at her feet, purring like a punk-ass kitten. Trent vowed he would convince her to stay because he planned to use his mouth, his tongue, his dick, his love for her—anything at his disposal.

So finally, when she took her first step around the corner and caught his eyes, he nearly rammed through passengers to grab her. Instead, he steadied his feet and waited for her to come closer. A smirk played across his lips as she cocked a brow. Huffing her carry-on over her shoulder, she sped up until they were face to face.

Trent took in her form-hugging white shorts, extremely high heels, and gold silk top. He could think of nothing other than those garments forming a messy pile on his bedroom floor. Her soft springy curls were pulled back with a hair tie and Trent’s first move was to reach out and free those curls.

Teal didn’t speak as she turned her head to the side to help him ease the tie from her hair. Dark, plush curls bounced around her round face as dark eyes greeted his. She’d lost some weight and Trent’s first goal was to feed her ass, and feed her well. Healthy shit of course, since she suffered from high blood pressure. He wanted to keep her healthy, yet he desired those luscious curves too. But at that moment, he realized it didn’t really matter what size she ended up. He was in love with her, no matter what.

    Teal dropped the bag at his feet. “So, you make me come all the way here, and you couldn’t meet me closer when I got off the plane? I guess you didn’t miss me that much after all.” Her soft voice and teasing tone belied her stern expression, which soon turned into a pout.

Trent leaned in and nipped her bottom lip, tasting her cherry Chapstick. His chest rumbled, and his voice was low and full of desire. “Woman, shut up and get your ass in my truck, before I yank them shorts down and show all of these people in this airport just how much I missed you.” Pulling her close, he allowed her to feel his desire, and the fact he was actually seconds from doing just what he’d said.

Her soft gasp had his dick jumping in his pants. Her breaths quickened as she placed her head against his chest and wrapped her arms around his body.         “Brut.” Her words held no vehemence. “I’ve missed you, baby.”

Trent’s chest tightened at her words. She would no longer need to miss him. He’d prepared a home for her, here in Kentucky.

    Placing his arms around her, he hugged her back. “I missed you too, now come on. Let’s go home.” Trent ignored the way her body stiffened at the word, but didn’t let it shake his resolve. He’d convince her to stay, one way or another.

    She released him. “I hear you can make some good barbeque. Is that true?”

    Trent bent and picked up her bag. “Putting me to work already?” Hefting it over his shoulder, he turned and placed his hand on her lower back, guiding her toward the exit.

    Sliding an arm behind him, Teal leaned into Trent. “But I’m starving.”

    He glanced at his watch. “Babe, it’s almost noon.” He caught sight of her frown. “You should have at least eaten breakfast.” When she told him she’d forgotten to eat in her haste to make the flight, he tried to remember if he had everything he needed to make his woman some barbeque, or if they needed to stop at the store before they went home.

Teal’s soft skin rubbed against his, soothing his unease with being in such a crowded space. With a quick trip to luggage claim, they were back in his truck and headed down the highway.

     Trent placed his arm over the back of Teal’s headrest. “So, how was the flight, baby?”

    She smiled. “It was nice. I’m glad you chose first class.”

He tried his best to focus on the road ahead of them, but had to touch her. Moving his arm from the headrest, he gently took Teal’s hand. Giving her a quick wink, he brought the back of her hand to his lips. “I know this is a shitty welcome home kiss, but if I put my lips on yours, I won’t stop there.”


First Look - Indebted

Hey Reader,

Here is your first look at Indelible. Take a trip back in time with Trent, see where Teal has landed in her new role as mother, and get a peek at new characters from included in the new spin off releasing on 2018 in Indebted! Release date 9.22.17


Lightly edited and subject to change

Readers 18 and up

“You sly fucking dog,” Teal whispered as Trent helped her out of the truck. He’d passed the range and headed straight for the Italian restaurant she’d pointed out last week.

Trent placed Teal’s hand in the hook of his arm after tipping the valet. “You mentioned it smelled delicious the last time we passed it.” He gave a light shrug.

“It did.” She sniffed the air, taking in the scent of fresh baked garlic bread and pasta sauce. While Teal and Trent were doing well with the healthy eating, Teal was in the mood for chicken smothered in red sauce and a huge glass of wine.

Holding tight to his arm, she followed him through the parking lot and into the restaurant. Inside, as the hostess stated her spiel, Teal took in the nice décor and finely dressed occupants.

“Follow me,” the hostess called over her shoulder, as she led them to a cozy booth in the corner. She handed them two linen menus. “Your server will be with you shortly.”

Teal nodded. “Thank you.”

Trent leaned back in his seat and eyed the menu. “Nothing healthy at all on here.” Glancing at her over the menu, he winked. His hot gaze took her in, saying more than his sexy lips ever could. Placing down the menu, he bent forward. Candle light flickered, and the sound of tinkling laughter and hushed whispers surrounded them.

He placed his hand on the table palm up and slowly pushed toward her, his fingers outstretched in an open invitation. Teal accepted and placed her smaller hand into his. Closing his fingers around hers, he squeezed lightly. Teal met his gaze, taking in the sparks and the heat of his intense stare.

“Um . . . would you like to start with water, or perhaps a glass of wine?” the waitress said, appearing at the end of the table.

Teal was the first to look away. “Yes, a nice red for me, and Trent here will take whatever custom beer you have on tap, please.”

Jotting in her pad, she smiled in Trent’s direction. “We have some pleasant craft beers. If I may recommend?” Teal nodded. “Our, IPA, Rush Low, is great paired with our filet mignon, steamed asparagus, and garlic roasted potatoes.”

Teal cocked a brow and chanced a peek at Trent. He didn’t need that fancy shit. An ice-cold beer, a T-bone steak, and some loving, and Trent was as satisfied as they came.

However, tonight, for her, Trent nodded. And without an ounce of snark said, “Sure, that sounds good—medium.”

“I’ll have the same, but with the wine, please,” Teal added.

“Great, I’ll get that started for you.” Taking the menus, the woman strolled away to put in their orders.

Trent shoved his blonde hair over his shoulder, then threw his arm over the back of his chair. “Baby, let me ask you something.”

She caught a glint of mirth in his eyes and couldn’t help but get excited. Perking up, Teal leaned forward. “Hit me.”

Trent chuckled. “What do you think about—”

“Here you go.” A glass of wine and a tall, frosted glass of beer slid into Teal’s vision. “Your food will be out shortly.” And again, the waitress sauntered off.

Picking up her glass, Teal took a long sip of her wine. “What’s the question?”

He smirked. “Why don’t you want to celebrate your birthday?”

Teal blinked repeatedly, a bit confused by the question. “Huh? Where did that come from?” And then came another sip of wine. Crossing her legs, Teal leaned back, taking her wine with her. She rested her elbow on the back of the chair and got comfortable.

“You’re only thirty—” he started.

Teal sliced Trent in half with a glare cutting him off, and he burst into laughter.

“Okay, okay.” He held his hands up in mock surrender.

With a smirk, Teal lifted her hand and motioned for Trent to continue.

“But seriously, I want you to explain it to me. Why?” His eyes roved over her body, as they made a slow perusal. “Why would a beautiful, young woman such as yourself hate celebrating her birthday?” He took a sip of his beer and cursed under his breath.


            “Hot damn, this shit is good. It’s so smooth.” Placing the beer down, he pushed the glass over to her. “Try it.”

Teal took the glass and lifted it. Taking a small sip, she smiled when the light flavor hit her tongue.

“I wasn’t expecting that. Hell, but at nine dollars a glass, it sure as shit better be good,” he said as Teal handed him back his glass.

            “You want to tell me what that birthday comment was about?” she asked, unwilling to allow him to change the subject. The beer was good, yes, but there was more going on, and with Teal’s birthday a mere three weeks away, she feared Trent was going to make a huge deal of it.

As he opened his mouth, his phone tinkled a sound and Teal knew it was a text message. “Baby, just making conversation with you.”

            Teal cocked a brow as Trent lifted the phone and peeked at the screen. A soft smile, she once thought was reserved only for her, played across his lips. “That better not be some party surprise for me.”

Becoming engrossed in his phone, Trent didn’t respond.

Teal placed her half-empty glass on the table and scooted forward, in hopes to get a closer look.

The sound of a plate being placed onto the table pulled Teal’s attention away from the phone. “Would you like more wine, ma’am?” the waitress asked, placing Trent’s plate in front of him.

Teal nodded, and to the waitress’ surprise, she lifted the glass and finished it in a few gulps. How the hell was she supposed to convince Trent not to make a huge deal about her birthday? She glanced up again to see that he was responding to the text. What was going on? He never responded to her texts, he would always just call her right back. He hated it, stating his fingers were too big and caused him to constantly get autocorrected.

Teal cocked a brow. “Trent.”

Shoving the phone in his pocket, Trent peered up at the waitress and mumbled, “Thank you. This looks good.” Then he unwrapped his utensils.

“Thank you.” Teal spoke to the waitress. As soon as she walked away, she crossed her arms over her chest and cleared her throat.

“What?” Trent asked. He cut into his steak and brought it to his mouth. Looking at her, his brow scrunched in confusion. “What, are we supposed to say grace or something?” He lowered the fork. “Shit, Teal, you know I’m—”

“Who was that on the other end of that text?” She smiled, maybe a bit too forcefully.

Trent placed a hand over the phone in his pocket. “Ah, hell baby.” He thrust a hand through his hair. “It was work, and I didn’t want to bother making a call since we got this date night going and all.” He lifted his chin toward her empty glass. “You getting more?”

Teal rolled her eyes. “Yeah.” Deciding to leave the text—most definitely about her birthday—alone, she lifted her fork and tried her food.

“What are you and Violet planning for this party?” Trent took a bite of steak.

After chewing her food, Teal spoke. “Violet is apparently leaving me in charge.” She shrugged. “She probably feels sorry for me and the fact I have jack shit to do all day.”

Trent’s eyes narrowed. “Or, she’s asking her friend for help with something important.” Dropping his fork, he grabbed the cloth napkin. “Look, you have got to stop acting as if raising our girl is boring.”

She froze mid-bite. “That is not what I meant, and you know it.” Teal kept her tone low. She was not about to get into an argument in public.

The waitress strolled over and placed a glass of wine on the table. Teal immediately snatched it up and took a sip.

He scoffed. “Then what am I supposed to think here, baby?”

Teal bit her lip and took a deep breath. “I don’t know.” Her honest answer shocked even her, but Teal didn’t stop there. “I never thought of myself as a stay at home mom. I’ve always worked. And though Emma is the light of my life, I can’t just be her mother, or just your wife.”

“Them titles suddenly ain’t good enough?”

She sensed the hurt in his voice, drowned in anger and disbelief. This was headed in the wrong direction and needed a course correction, fast. Setting the glass of wine down, Teal reached across the table and took Trent’s hand.

“No, it is more than enough, but I want to work as well. I’ve worked my entire life to create a good career and future for myself.” Squeezing his hand, she continued, “I can see in your eyes when I talk about going back to work after the twelve-month break we both decided on, that you aren’t going to be happy about it.”

“Hell no, I’m not, but you’re telling me, here and now, that the life I am offering you—”

“Don’t,” she demanded. “Do not act as if I am Harper or Shayla.” Teal’s face heated at the implied accusation. “To them, the life you wanted to give them wasn’t enough. Me wanting to work, to help support our family, is not the same thing and you know it.” Suddenly, her stomach protested the wine. Placing a hand over her stomach, Teal winced.

“I don’t know how to take what you say to me sometimes,” he admitted in a careful tone. “You want to go back to work after the twelve months? Fine. Will I be happy with it? Hell no. But I know it’s what you want.” He released her hand and picked up his fork and knife again.

Teal felt the tension between them ease a bit. “I just feel like this is a huge argument we keep pushing back for a later date.” She propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand, as she watched Trent shrug and go back to eating.

“Maybe so,” he said in between bites of food.

“I still love you though.” She blew him a kiss, hoping to lighten the mood a bit more.

“How could you not?” He smirked. “You gonna need any help with his party?”

“Um, probably. It’s supposed to be at the bar. It’s not a surprise or anything like that, so I can call Poe if I have any questions.”

His voice lowered as he asked, “You cool with going back to that place?”

“Yeah, I am. I mean Jake is out of the picture, so no worries there. Oh, and Violet said that Poe has personal security at the bar.” She lifted a shoulder. “That should keep everyone in line.”

“Personal security?” His untrusting tone gave her pause.

“Yeah.” Teal watched as Trent’s expression and body language altered. “That’s good, right?” It had been Teal’s condition. If you got a bunch of men together and drowned them in free liquor, chances were a fight of some sort would break out. On top of that, they weren’t completely closing the bar, so other people would be in the mix as well. “I asked for that because the bar’s regulars are still permitted to show up, and while we may be able to control close personal friends, I can’t say the same for drunk strangers.”

Trent finished his beer. “Who is heading this shit up?”

Teal wracked her brain for the name Violet had given her. “Renegade Security.”

Trent’s grip tightened on his knife.


He looked away from her. “You can’t hire anyone else?”

The waitress appeared at the table. “Another beer, sir?”

Trent muttered a dismissive, “Yeah,” then returned to the conversation. “There’s no one else?”

Teal shifted in her seat. “No, Poe said he has a contract with them.”

He stared past her, as if he were no longer in the moment. Perhaps a memory had stolen him from her, and Teal was not okay with that.

Snapping her fingers in front of his face, she called his name. “Trent, what’s going on in that head of yours?”

He focused on her and sat back in his seat. “Nothing, just thinking about something.”

Teal waited for an explanation and when one didn’t come, she spoke. “And?”

The prompt was left unanswered as Trent took the beer from the waitress and swigged half the thing down. Once he’d finished the glass, he released a small chuckle, but nothing else.

Nervous energy welled up inside of her. “Okay, so you want to tell me about this company, or should I call Poe?” She slipped off a heel and nudged Trent when he still didn’t speak. She placed her foot on his knee, keeping it there just in case she needed to kick the answer out of him.

“All right, it ain’t too bad.” He let out a long sigh. “I mean, it used to be run by this mean son of a bitch who’d once threatened Shayla.”

Teal closed her eyes and slumped in her seat. She hoped that even though she’d adopted Shayla’s biological daughter, she’d never have to hear that name again.

“But nothing to worry about now, he’s dead.”

A whoosh of relief burst from Teal. “Damn. You could have led with that, yeah?”

He cocked his neck to the side, stretching the tension from it. “Yeah, I should have.”

“Then why are you so worried?” Something wasn’t adding up for Teal. “What is the big deal if he is dead?”

“Dead or not, baby, I ain’t interested in partying with them.”

Her eyes widened and Teal picked up her wine and gulped some down. “Are you saying you won’t go?” She didn’t want to have Trent sit this out. Moreover, if Trent didn’t feel comfortable dealing with Renegade security, should she?

“No, baby. I’m going, and it ain’t such a big deal now.”

“He’s dead, so it should have never been a big deal.” Teal took a few more bites then placed her fork down.

“You done already?” Trent asked.

Checking his plate, she noted all his food was about gone, except for the veggies. “No, I’m just saving room for dessert.” She did a little excited wiggle.

With a grunt, Trent pushed his plate away. “Same here.” His eyes darkened and he reached below the table and grabbed the foot Teal had placed on his knee. She gasped when his thumb applied slight pressure to her instep. His light massaging continued until the waitress came, cleared the table, and took their dessert order—to go.

In the truck, Trent held Teal’s hand as he searched the radio for something to listen to. “I can’t believe there isn’t anything decent on the radio these days.” Trent lifted her hand to meet his lips.

“Hell, I’m not thinking about that shit.” He pushed her hand down until it was in his lap. Trent’s hard length pushed back against the seam of his jeans. “I just want to get you home and fuck you.”

Teal let out a giggle as her face heated. “Damn, where did that come from?”

“I’ve been thinking about it ever since that waitress back there explained how sweet and decadent that dark chocolate ganache would taste.” He opened her hand and placed her palm on his cock. “Shit, I was hard pressed not to tell her I was headed home to have my face in some of the best damned dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted.”

“What in the hell?” Slapping his chest with her free hand and squeezing his cock in the other, Teal said, “Well, do we have to wait? I wouldn’t mind some white chocolate for the road.”

He gently bucked into her palm. “Hmmm, don’t play, baby. You know I will pull this damned truck over and fuck you.”  

Teal unzipped Trent’s jeans. “Oh no, I am completely serious about my sweets. You know that.” Trent’s gruff laughter sent a spark of heat to Teal’s core.

“You want a taste, right now?” he asked, his dark eyes darting from the road to her and then back again. Teal didn’t want to be pulled from a fiery wreckage by firefighters with her mouth wrapped around Trent’s member, so instead she opted for a quick hand job.

“I’ll taste it when we get home, but for now.” Teal stroked Trent, making sure to pay extra attention to his sensitive tip. As his moans grew louder Teal glanced at the speedometer and noticed that they were speeding. “Damn, slow down a bit.”

Trent followed her gaze. “Shit.” He hit the brakes and reached for her hand. “Maybe we should wait. Fuck, if I come while we are driving I’ll wind up killing us both.” Teal watched as Trent tucked himself away as best as he could then place his warm hand on her thigh. “Open up for me.”

“What?” She asked even as she did his bidding. “I thought we were waiting until we got home.”

Trent unbuttoned her pants. “That was for me.” The sound of her breathing mixed with the unzipping of her pants echoed in the car. While there wasn’t much room to play, Trent’s fingers made contact with her core through her panties. “Open wider for me.” Teal did so. She watched Trent’s fingers as they made little circles over her damp panties.

Trent’s voice deepened as his desire roared to life. “You already wet for me?” Teal nodded and threw her head back onto the headrest. A second ago, she couldn’t wait to get home, and now, she prayed they hit every fucking red light in the state. Trent’s talented fingers coaxed Teal’s clit forward and a deep moan from her. Her body heated as her core tightened ready for release.

Pushing her panties aside, he brushed her gently with his knuckles. The light sensation pulled Teal back from the ledge, while keeping her body wound tight.

“Trent,” She copied his earlier move and gently bucked into his hand urging her to give him what she needed.

Teal moved her hips with the motion of Trent’s hand, the slow build guaranteed her an orgasm she would not forget, and Trent knew it. He knew her body so well, that Teal believed he alone had been created to love her. He’d mastered her body, taken the time to taste every inch of her all while pushing her body to the max.

When he pulled his hand away, Teal’s eyes popped open. “What?” When she was greeted by the site of her home, Teal’s eyes widened. “When the hell?”

“Half way between more and harder.” Trent chuckled. “Come, baby. Let’s send these two home and finish what we started in here.”

Teal opened her door, unwilling to wait for Trent to make his way around the truck and open it for her. She shouted over her shoulder, “First one there gets to come first.”

The second her hand reached the door knob, Trent’s strong arms caught her and pulled her back into his chest. His warm lips met her ear, and warm breath fanned over her neck. Seconds later, Trent pressed his erection into her back as he spoke.

“My baby always comes first, and tonight, I remind you of that over and over, so you never forget it.”

#coverreveal - Indebted: 'Til Death Do Us Part

The second I heard the rumble of the motorcycles hauling ass down my street, I knew my past had officially come back to fuck me in the ass—hard and deep.

Months after opening up his heart – and his past – Trent is looking forward to a future with his new bride and daughter. He’s recovered from the near-fatal shooting, hopes to purchase a farm for his beloved Teal, and is building a life free from the horrors of his past.

But the past has a bad habit of never staying buried, and now it’s coming after his entire family. Because Trent didn’t reveal all his secrets to Teal, and the deepest, darkest secret he’d always kept just out of reach is about to break the surface.

An old debt is being called in, one that will pull Trent back into the world of sex, lies, and murder he’s fought so hard to escape. And in the wake of devastating betrayals, he’ll discover who is truly loyal to him, as he agrees to pay that debt with an unforgivable crime.

Trent will stop at nothing to keep Teal and his daughter safe. Even if that means losing them forever.

Meet Ace, Gator, and Mutt from the First Sons of the Revolution MC, and enjoy the first chapter and first look at the spin-off featuring the badass, no-shit-taking men from Blackwater!


A lightning bolt of pain rocketed through Trent’s neck and out the other side. He grasped the bleeding wound and fell to one knee, keeping a hard grip on his weapon. Having been shot before, he easily ascertained the severity of the situation, or lack thereof. Shayla’s screams caused a sharp pain to radiate in his ear, adding to the nauseating sensations mixing in his gut.

“It’s just a fucking flesh wound, woman,” he rasped.

Shayla’s screams became blunt and muted, but no less hysterical.

“Calm the fuck down.” The bullet had only grazed his neck, causing a deep enough wound to freak Shayla the hell out. He felt her hands on his neck, attempting to staunch the bleeding. Even as she tried to save his life, Trent wanted to wrap his bloody hands around her neck for getting them into this shit in the first place.

By now, he was positive neither of them were going to die, at least not tonight. Ace and his boys wanted something from Trent, or he and Shayla would be in a hole in his backyard by now.

He pushed Shayla away, and in a calm voice said, “Go get my kit.”

Standing up, Shayla turned and faced the men surrounding them. Unable to get past the wall of armed men, she turned her questioning gaze back to his.

“Let her the fuck by,” Trent croaked, his voice sounding craggy and broken. He felt like a pussy ass fool for letting these men get the jump on him without even getting off a warning shot. Trent caught Ace’s almost indiscernible nod, then watched as Gator turn sideways, leaving a few inches for Shayla to squeeze by.

Ace reached out and grabbed her arm before she made it out the door. “Where is this kit?” he asked, not taking his eyes off Trent kneeling before him.

He motioned to the door. “Hallway bathroom.”

Ace nodded and turned to Shayla. “Don’t make me fuck you up. I don’t like hitting women, but that don’t mean I won’t.”

Shayla nodded. Trent knew she was used to getting slapped around, but the fear in her eyes told him she wouldn’t do anything stupid enough to warrant Ace’s wrath. At this point, neither would he. There was a time when the battle was lost and you had to retreat to find a way out alive. Shayla and Trent were at that point.

“Good girl,” Ace muttered as he let her go. “Follow her, Mutt.” He spoke to the man who’d shot Trent. Crossing his arms over his chest, Ace watched as the two walked down the hall, then turned back. “I meant for that to go much smoother, but ol’ Mutt back there is always quick on the trigger.”

Silence blanketed the room, until Shayla came back with the kit. Lifting up from his kneeling position, Trent sat on the corner of his bed and motioned for her to lay the box down beside him. Opening the box, he pulled some gauze out.

Shayla moved to the other side of the bed and crawled over to Trent. He stopped fussing with the wound as her expert hands took over cleaning and prepping it for bandages. Realizing the gun was still in his hand, Trent lowered it to his lap. He was not giving up his weapon. They fucking owed him as much.

“Why are we still alive?” He made eye contact with the leader.

Ace holstered his weapon. “See this?” He pointed to his vest, the words Ace in the Hole scrolled across the aged leather in antiquated white stitching. A few more patches caught Trent’s eyes, but he kept going back to the phrase.

“You already told me about that.” Trent kept his voice calm, making sure he didn’t rile them up anymore. Getting shot fucking hurt, and not even Shayla’s magic touch was soft enough to ease the burning trail of fire tearing through his neck.

Ace reached into his back pocket causing Trent to tense. He pulled out a lighter and a worn out pack of cigarettes. “Calm down, Marine.” He looked to Mutt as he lit up. “Damn, I said no bloodshed, motherfucker. Now you got him all anxious and shit.”

Mutt shrugged and stroked his beard, his ice-cold eyes boring into Trent’s. “They weren’t scared enough.”

“You are one mean ass dude.” Ace’s chuckle told Trent the guy didn’t give a fuck that he’d been shot.

He held tight to his gun, not sure if the ‘no bloodshed rule’ was still in effect.

“Anyway, I am the man you call in for jobs you don’t have the stomach to do yourself. And maybe in my old age, my stomach ain’t what it used to be.” He took a long draw from his cigarette and released the smoke.

Shayla finished wrapping Trent’s wound and scooted behind him. The motion drew Ace’s eyes to her.

He addressed Trent. “I am gonna ask you a question.”

As if on cue, Gator and Mutt raised their weapons and aimed at her. Her gasp and shudder had Trent reaching around and pulling her closer to his back.

“The answer decides whether you two live or die.” His voice lowered to a whisper. “No more games.” Shaking his head, he knelt down, both elbows propped on his knees. He reached out and traced his thumb through Trent’s blood in the ground. “You love her?”

Trent had never explored the idea of loving Shayla, because he was sure she didn’t know how to be loved. He offered her shelter, affection, and security, and she had proven time and time again that it wasn’t enough. In his eyes, to offer those things was to offer love. So, in his own way, yes, he did love her.

Trent straightened and answered as honestly as he could. “As much as a man can love a thorn in his side that makes him come like a jet rocket.”

Gator burst into laughter, and lowered his gun. Mutt, on the other hand, rolled his eyes, and never once faltered or lowered his weapon.

A whisper of a smile played over Ace’s lips. “You know. That woman is going to get you killed one day.” He stood and wiped his hand on his leather pants. “But not today.” Trent almost released his breath, until Ace continued. “Provided you do me two favors.”

“Fucking two?” Trent’s hand tightened on his gun as the words burst from him. These were not men you wanted to owe one debt to let alone two.

“Marine.” Mutt’s tone implied it was a reprimand, his eyes on the gun in Trent’s possession. With a menacing step forward, he aimed his gun at the hand holding it.

Ace continued, his conversational tone easing a bit of the tension, at least until Trent heard what he was saying. “The hit was placed for you and her. And since I am sparing both of your lives, you owe me two debts.” He looked down, staring pensively at his gun. “Or I can kill her, and you’ll owe me just one.” His indifferent tone reminded Trent of who the fuck he was dealing with.

Trent glanced between Ace and his buddies. “What’s the first favor?” He wanted to make it out of this alive, and as much as he abhorred the idea of owing them a damned thing, Trent knew he didn’t have a choice.

Gator rubbed his hands together conspiratorially, a wide grin spreading across his face. “Murder and mayhem.”

Shayla’s grip on Trent tightened. He slightly leaned back into her, offering his presence as some form of support. The men spread out around them.

“Hand me the gun.” Ace’s tone brokered no room for argument.

Reluctantly, Trent handed him the gun and sat back, waiting for whatever the fuck was going to come next. What he wasn’t expecting, were the words that came from Mutt’s mouth, or the sincerity that flowed with them.

“We got a search and rescue mission, a little girl needs saving. And,” he motion to himself and his buddies, “we are the bastards stupid enough to be heading up that shit.”

Teal's Travel Guide

In two days, Teal's on her way to Kentucky!! Well, only for a couple weeks! Check out what's in her bag!

What are your top 3 must haves when traveling? For Teal, she always takes her:

Sunglasses are a must.

Sensual scented perfume.

And definitely her iPhone.  

Two weeks of vacation with her man? Hell yeah, that is exactly what Teal Lofton’s libido needs. And after surviving seven months apart, their reunion won't disappoint!

     He glanced down at his deflated boxers and thrust his hand through his hair in frustration. “You sure you want to talk about this now?” He sure as hell wasn’t.

     Teal scoffed. “If it’s stopping me from finishing, you’re damn straight I want to talk about it. Let’s get this over with, so it doesn’t interrupt us again tomorrow.” Her voice seemed a bit playful and Trent loathed what he was about to say.

     “Fine, I was thinking about Independence Day, and—”

     “Did you book your flight?”

     “No, I didn’t.” He paused, readying himself for the next bit. “But I booked you a flight here.”

Her silence was deafening, yet still he waited, hoping she was pleasantly shocked into silence, and not fuming on the other end.

After another beat, she finally spoke. “Okay.” Her voice was soft and slow, as if she were talking to a child. “I thought we discussed this. You were supposed to be coming here for the Fourth of July. You want to see your God-babies, and Katie and Logan, don’t you?”

      He did want to see them, but Katie and Logan had already figured their shit out. They were building an extension on their house, Logan’s gym had taken off, allowing Logan to hire a manager—which gave him more time at home; and here sat Trent, clocking hand jobs over the phone with his woman. And that shit wasn’t going to work.

     “Look,” he sighed, “I wanted to go up there, and I almost bought the fucking ticket to Vermont, but I had an idea.”

Teal groaned. “Oh no.”

     He sensed she understood exactly where this was heading. They’d spoken about it plenty of times over the last few months. However, today, Trent wasn’t backing down. He sat up and moved the phone to the other ear, ready for whatever excuse Teal made.

      “Yes, ‘cause I can tell you now that this over-the-phone shit is weighing on me. You are my fucking woman and I want to do more than hear your voice when you come. I want to wake up next to you every morning, I want to shower with you, and make actual love to you. How hard is that to understand?”

     He stood and made his way to the bathroom as his frustration grew, words fell from his mouth faster. “And more than that, I want to make a life with you. I am not in this shit for anything else but the long run. This isn’t some seven-month fling. I want you in my life from here on out. You damn sure have to know that by now.” He paused.

     Jesus Christ. What the hell was he saying? Was marriage on the table? Trent wasn’t sure he was ready for that shit. He just wanted to move their relationship to the next level. What the hell was the next level for a couple in a long distance relationship?

      As if wondering or fearing the same thing, Teal sputtered, “W—what—what exactly are you asking?”

Trent was on a roll now. “Calm the fuck down, Teal. I wasn’t on my knees as I spoke, and I damned sure haven’t picked up a ring.” He took her silence as relief, as he used the toilet and washed his hands. “I think it’s time we had a conversation, and not an argument, over where we are going next. And it needs to be done in person.”

     When the fuck had the roles reversed? In between his odd relationship with his crazy ex, and a few other women he’d dated, they were always trying to pin him down and get a move-in date. Some had even gone as far as to show him wedding dresses and floral arrangements. But, oh no, not Teal. She had to be a hard ass and make him fall to his knees for damned near everything.

     Trent was no pussy, but he’d reached the end of his rope. Maybe their relationship was lopsided. Maybe he wanted more than Teal was ready to give. Their relationship had started with an inevitable collision of lust and passion, but perhaps the fog had lifted for her.

     Or maybe, Teal wanted Trent to beg. But he wasn’t about to do that. He and Teal would get together this summer, and he would convince her to move to Kentucky—even if she killed him in the process. Because after the dust had settled, after he’d reached a new clarity in his life, all he could see, taste, and feel, was Teal.

     Trent calmed, the anger leaving his body in a whoosh. He’d been holding back his need for her, after recognizing her fear of what they had. He’d held back his love for her, for fear of drowning her in it. But he would do that no more.

     “I’m saying I bought you a ticket here for the celebration of the Fourth. I need to see you, and I fucking need to look in your eyes as you respond to the things I need to say.” When she was silent he added. “Logan already knows I won’t be up there, and he thinks it’s a fine idea that you head down here. I’ll see the girls some other time.”

     Only the rustling of covers alerted him to the fact Teal hadn’t hung up. He waited, hoping she wouldn’t lash out. He could only imagine the things rolling through her mind. The pressure to move forward in the relationship was building in his chest, and Teal was either going to give in, or Trent’s upper body cavity was going to explode.

     “Fuck, Teal.” His words came out in an exasperated breath. “Say something.”

After a bit more shuffling and crackling over the line, Teal spoke. “How hot does it get in Kentucky? Am I headed to the bowels of hell, or is it more like the summers we have up here?”

     Trent’s heart flooded with relief, and words—unintelligible words—left his mouth in a rush. The ease in her acquiescence confused the fuck out of him, but he would roll with it. Trent only comprehended some of the babble that left his mouth. Words like the devil’s ass and hot as fuck left in a rush.

     Shock didn’t come close to explaining how he felt about Teal coming to his home. He’d been prepared to beg, threaten, and if necessary, go to Vermont and abduct her ass. The fact that he would soon have his woman in his arms sent him into a tailspin.

     He listened as she moved around her condo, mentioning the fact she would not deal well with heat . . . and then there was something about humidity and her hair turning into a cotton ball. But Trent didn’t care if she shaved the shit off, as long as she got her ass on the plane and ended up in his home. Soon.

Teaser Tuesday | Excerpt | Indelible: Beneath his Ink

   Poe raised his hands. “Okay, enough of the Jake shit. He’s a bastard and you two need to steer clear of the cokehead. Violet will help y’all out as best as she can. She’s good like that.” She bashfully dipped her head at the compliment. Poe stood, pointing to the firework display. “And now, for some circa 2011 non-legal fireworks.”

    Teal’s gaze flew to Violet. “Huh?”

    “In Kentucky, only certain fireworks are legal. Poe here has bought ones that aren’t.” Trent leisurely made his way over to Teal and helped her up from the table.

    “In Vermont, all you need is a permit and you can have all the fun you want.” She threaded her fingers through Trent’s as he led her further into the darker part of the yard.

Poe had set everything up at a safe distance, and Trent had lined up some lawn chairs for the show. Teal made to sit down in one of the three; instead, Trent pulled her back up and sat. Patting his lap, he motioned for her to sit.

Teal complied and wrapped an arm around his neck as she adjusted herself comfortably on him. The stubble of his jaw rasped over her neck as he tenderly kissed her, his warm tongue making its way up her neck until Teal felt the sharp pain of his teeth on her earlobe. She gasped when his hand slipped under her shirt, his calloused hands slipping beneath the cup of her bra to tweak a nipple. Shrouded in darkness, Trent caressed Teal’s breast and tasted her skin, as Violet and Poe made adjustments to the fireworks.

Trent’s ridged cock hardened beneath her, and Teal squirmed atop his lap, listening, as his breaths grew harsher. “You’re gonna make me come in my pants. Is that what you want?” he said, as he tweaked a nipple so hard, Teal squeaked.

His hands and mouth made a hasty retreat as the couple made their way back to them. 

    Teal glanced around just as the first explosion rocked into the night and set the darkness around them ablaze. Trent stole her attention from the fireworks as he gently took her chin between his thumb and finger to gently turn it to meet his eyes. His loving gaze took in her face, eyes roving over every inch of it. His thumb moved softly back and forth across her cheek causing warmth to spread with his touch. She watched, mesmerized as lights sporadically lit up his beautiful rough-hewn face revealing the awe and longing in his eyes.

Most women searched years for such dedication and love, and no man had ever looked at her that way—until Trent. She'd once told him that he was not what he seemed, and she’d been right. However, she was wrong on her assumption of the man in front of her. For how resilient and steadfast this man seemed, his heart was full of love, and Teal was lucky to have even a fraction of it. 

   Trent leaned in again. “I need to be in you.” He thrust against her, punctuating each word.

  Teal giggled.“I know, but you need to stop.” Trying to push his hands away, Teal fought in vain. “Trent.” She took on a semi-serious voice. “They’ll see. Cut it out.”

    He stopped and peeked over her shoulder. “Baby, look.” He nodded and she glanced over her shoulder to see that she and Trent weren’t the only two taking advantage of the darkness. While she couldn’t see much, the firework display intermittently lit up the passionate view of Violet and Poe stealing kisses.     Teal turned and righted herself in Trent’s lap. “You are such a bad influence.” She moved provocatively in his lap, his gruff grunting a good indication she was rubbing him in all the right places. 

Beneath His Ink - Trent's Top 3


**Lighty edited and subject to change**

Obviously sensing her discomfort, Trent leaned in and kissed her. “And your ass had the nerve to question if I knew if you were ready or not. Look how hard you came. ” He took her hand, but Teal snatched it back. “Hey, no need to be embarrassed, baby.” Teal shot him a glare. “A lot of women come that way. It means I did a damned good job.” He showed his teeth in a big grin.

She playfully shoved at his chest. “You did wonderful, baby.” His wicked grin widened. “But, before we go in. Country music?” She glanced over to the bar in question. “I don’t listen to it.”

Trent crowded her space and leaned in. “It’s a part of my life. I like it, and I want to share it with you.” He looked down and tugged a curl between his fingers.

Placing her hands on her hips, Teal gave him a blast from the past. “Oh, I vaguely remember an event months ago, when I was jamming to my boy Usher, and the brute who was sitting behind to me just reached over me and turned it off.” She shoved a finger in his chest. “And, I am still waiting on my apology for that.”

His eyes dropped to the ground before meeting hers again. “Please?” He pushed away and held a hand out for her. Gone was the lust he’d showed just moments before. He’d ignored her tirade, hadn't given her anything close to an I’m sorry, but instead offered her his hand.

She sighed and laced her fingers between his, squeezing his hand tight. “Fine, but if I hear that Boot Scootin’ Boogie song, I’m fucking leaving.”

He chuckled as he pushed the truck door shut and led her to the bar.

Teal skidded to a halt. “Wait.” Trent slowed and turned back to her. “Give me back my panties.” Holding her hand out, she realized there was no place for her to go besides back to the car to put them back on.

Trent shoved his hand in his back pocket. “No.” Shoving the panties deeper into his pocket, he grabbed Teal’s hand and pulled her to the door. Just as the door opened and sound blasted out, she could hear Trent whisper, “Four down, ten to go.” Followed by his deviant laughter.

What in the hell did her man have in store for her, and why did it consist of holding undergarments for ransom? 

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A Future Worth Fighting For | Indelible: Beneath His Ink

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The leaves are still changing and I have the sniffles! Winter is coming and so are Teal and Trent!

Former Marine, Trent Reed, is in desperate need of a Hail Mary.

With each failed attempt to convince his woman to pack up and move to Kentucky, his past finds some new way to rear its ugly head. But when his pregnant ex plows into his life, all hell breaks loose—unearthing parts of his past he wished would stay buried.

Two weeks of vacation with her man? Hell yeah, that is exactly what Teal Lofton’s libido needs. And after surviving seven months apart, their reunion doesn’t disappoint. What she didn’t account for was an unfortunate encounter with people from Trent’s past. A racist, a druggie, and a double-barreled shotgun, culminate into a vacation that will alter the course of her life forever.

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Indelible Excerpt

Part 1 Kentucky 2001

“Fuck this shit,” Trent muttered, as beads of sweat gathered from the top of his head to the crack of his ass. Lifting his hands, he grabbed hold of the vehicle’s undercarriage and rolled himself out from underneath. For the life of him, he could not comprehend why the owner of this ‘69 Camaro continued to treat this baby as if it was some fucking Chevy Malibu.

Groaning, he stretched and stood, releasing the aches and pains from laying prone in one spot for so long. Using his arm, he swept the sweat away from his forehead, and took a few steps out of the partially covered garage and into the scorching sun. As the sun’s rays beat down on his skin, he lifted the sleeveless shirt he’d discarded earlier and wiped the remaining sweat from his face and neck.

The mid-summer sun had become a sweltering beast, transforming his skin from its normal pale coloring to a deep, dark bronze. He’d avoided a farmer’s tan solely because it was too damned hot to wear a shirt while working, unless he absolutely had to. Kentucky’s heat was so oppressive, Trent had considered—on more than one occasion—moving to a colder state. Maybe one that actually had a winter, and a mild-ass summer. The bar he frequented out of town even had a signature summer drink called Devil’s Ball Sweat, and as repulsive as it sounded, the drink itself was damned good. The thought of it had his mouth watering.

      On leave from the Marines, Trent had found his way back home, and into the familiar grease and fumes of the auto body shop, where he’d slaved away as a teenager. But life had changed since high school. Trent was now in his mid-twenties, part owner of a garage, fully enlisted in the Marines, and waiting for the call of duty.

Logan’s voice pulled Trent from his musings and he near jumped out of his skin.

His friend’s brow lifted as he deliberately ignored Trent’s jitteriness. “Hey, man. You hungry?”

As if on cue, Trent’s stomach roared. He placed a greasy hand over his eyes, shielding the sun’s glare, to find Logan headed toward him with a 7/11 bag in hand. Trent nodded and moved to the sink, squirting some Fast Orange into his hands. Using his elbow to turn on the hot water, he shoved his hands under the steaming spray.

      “You gonna work on this all day, or you planning on taking a real break? You’ve only been back home a few weeks and you haven’t done shit with anybody. Barely been out of the house.”

Trent turned to see a couple of hotdogs, a bag of chips, and a forty sitting on his workbench. Logan had already started in on his own food. Trent’s mouth watered at the sight. He’d been in the heat for most of the day, and skipping breaks to shorten the workday made sense, until he was dizzy with hunger, of course. Drying his hands, he grabbed a milk crate and carried it over to the workbench and sat down.

      Trent had ignored Logan’s question, but his friend stared at him expectantly. Between gulps of his beer and a bite of his hot dog, he gave in. “Who’s been asking?”

      Logan shook his head and took a hefty drink of his soda. He’d never been much of a drinker. “Nobody. It’s just, before you left, you were all over the place. This bar, that club, and now that you’re back . . .” he shrugged and let the sentence hang in the air.

Trent didn’t need anyone worrying about him. Besides, he’d gone to Gator’s a few times since his return. He’d taken care of himself for the past decade, with little to no help, yet Rhonda, the garage’s accountant, who’d taken a shining to Trent, was always up his ass about finding a woman and settling down.

That was the thing about a lot of women in the South. They always wanted to bag a man, settle down, and duplicate, but Trent wasn’t trying to hear it. The military had helped him perfect his ability to survive on his own. He didn’t need anyone else.

      He moved the bottle from his lips and set down the chili and cheese hotdog, his stomach groaning in protest. “You been talking to Rhonda?” Trent couldn’t hold back his anger. Rhonda seemed to think she had his best interest at heart—her words, not his—and that shit was getting old.

      Logan lifted his chin. “You always get pissed when she comes around. You messing with her?” Eying Trent with half-veiled disapproval, he added, “I see the way she looks at you, and that shit ain’t right. She’s old enough to be your mother.” He scarfed down the rest of his hotdog, while managing to keep a grimace on his face.

      Trent cocked a brow. “I can tell you one thing. I’ve never seen a better pair of tits on a woman her age.” He smiled wildly at Logan’s appalled glare, waggling his eyebrows to goad him further.

Logan had less years under his belt, and if he didn’t know any better, he’d call the man a virgin. Yeah, Rhonda was in her mid-forties, but damned if she didn’t have long legs, a round ass, and tits too firm and high to be real. He could only imagine the things she knew and would be willing to do.

      “Whatever, man. I brought it up because I’m headed to Louisville for a party. You want in?”

      Trent finished one hotdog and opened the second before answering. “Who the hell wants to drive almost two hours for some party?” He shoved half the dog in his mouth.

      Logan shoved his hands through his hair and stood. “Look, it’s been nothing but boring ass work since you’ve been gone. Hell, maybe I’ll join the military.” He picked up his trash and threw it in the nearby can. “There ain’t nothing to do here, other than work.”

Trent glanced up at the man. Was he actually thinking of joining the military out of boredom? There wasn’t a war going on, but being owned by the government was no picnic.

      Trent started in on his chips. “Who do you know in Louisville that’s got you willin’ to drive over there for a party?”

Second Look: Incarcerated: Katie and Logan | Indelible Beneath His Ink


“I feel like I’m in high school again,” Katie admitted with a smile. She was of course talking about the good days in high school when she wasn’t being teased or ignored.  

Scott chortled in what sounded like disbelief. “What? How so?”

She didn’t want to sound like a moonstruck fool, but waiting by the phone for a guy to call brought back good and bad memories. She cuddled up under her blanket, moving the phone to her other ear so she could get comfortable. “Well, I guess you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about since you were never the one sitting by the phone waiting for a guy you liked to call you.”

He groaned, and Katie smiled at the affect she had over him at times. “So you do like me? And here I thought you only tolerated me because you had nothing else to do but wait for your novel to come back from the editor.” Katie could hear the laughter in his voice.

“Maybe it started that way, but things change.” She wondered if things were different, if they’d spontaneously met, if he would be interested in her. She didn’t know what he looked like, but his damned voice made her stomach drop and her heart thunder.

Scott’s voice grew serious. “What changed, Kristen?” At the sound of her fake name, Katie realized how silly it was to think that the two of them could ever be anything more than pen pals. What was even more ridiculous was the fact that she had told him about the night she’d lost her child, but she couldn’t tell him her real name. She wanted his time and honesty, but she hadn’t given him a hundred percent of what she demanded of him.

“Kathryn Andreassen,” she blurted.


The confusion in his voice almost made her laugh, but fear that he’d be pissed she lied kept the laughter at bay. “Scott, when I first signed up for this program, I . . . I didn’t give my real name.”

“Oh yeah?”

There was an edge to his voice that she’d not heard before. It didn’t sound like disappointment or even anger. “I was nervous about what I was doing and I—”

“You wanted anonymity,” he finished. “I get that.”

Yeah, well, at least she had wanted it at that time. “So you aren’t mad?” She sat up, comforted by how well he’d taken it.

“Not at all.”

Confused, Katie asked, “Why?”

A beat of silence passed before Scott spoke. “Because I did the same. My name isn’t Scott, its Logan. Logan Whyte. I lied for a different reason, though.”

The relief she’d just felt plummeted, and goose bumps settled over her skin.

“I didn’t want you to look me up and see what I’d done before I had a chance to tell you myself. By the time we’d gotten to the point where we could be straightforward with each other, I honestly forgot to tell you my real name.”

Katie was about to speak when the one-minute warning sounded, alerting them that the collect call was about to disconnect.

“Kris— I mean Kathryn—”

“Call me Katie, everyone does.”

“Okay. I’ll call you right back, I need to talk to you about something.” Logan hung up before Katie had a chance to reply.

She pressed the end button, got out of bed, and went to glance out the window. The snow was coming down in sheets, but in Vermont that wasn’t a big issue. It was the low visibility that worried Katie. The phone sounded and she placed it to her ear, listening as the automated voice droned on. Once she pressed one, Logan’s deep voice came on the line.

“Sweetheart, I want to talk to you about your phone bill.”

Katie groaned and sat down in her desk chair; she was scared as hell to look at her bill.

“Yeah, I know, but I enjoy talking to you. Your voice is the highlight of my day. I have an idea though.”

Katie perked up. “I’m listening.”

“Good, that’s my girl.” Whenever Logan called her things like his girl, honey, or sweetheart, her heart fluttered. “I’m going to get my lawyer to add money to my canteen. That way, I can call you and they’ll charge it to me. How’s that sound?”

Katie bit her lip. They hadn’t talked about financials, and she wasn’t sure what money Logan had . . . if any at all. “Are you sure? I mean, I haven’t gotten my bill yet, so it might not be too high.”

Logan grunted, and Katie had heard that sound enough to know that he didn’t agree. “No, it’s going to be sky high, and if you have a hard time paying it you let me know.” He sounded so sincere that Katie’s stomach fluttered.

“I’ll be fine,” she whispered.

“Don’t be shy. If you can’t pay it, you let me know.”  He repeated.

“I will.” She knew she could afford it, but she wasn’t excited about seeing it. “So your lawyer is going to give you the money?” Seemed like a nice thing to do, but Logan had expressed to her many times that he didn’t like the man.

“No, my friend, Trent, sends me my money. I sold my truck and put him in charge of my finances. I trust him with my life,” he said earnestly.

“Sounds like a good guy.” Katie felt the same way about Teal, even though the woman seemed to want to take her dead mother’s place.

“He saved my ass from the black kids that constantly thought they saw a target on my ass. I swear, I was eighteen, white, and a bit chunky, and that’s all it took for those thugs to want to kick my ass.” He let loose a hollow laugh. Pain radiated from it, and Katie heard it loud and clear.

She wasn’t sure what to say, but if she hadn’t known before she knew now that Logan was white. That discovery aside, Katie had also had her share of times when black kids picked on her, but it wasn’t just black kids. It was black and white kids. Both races had their assholes.

“I know the feeling. When I was younger, I was never sure what made kids think I was such an easy target, but they did and I suffered.”

Logan’s voice grew gentle. “Baby, it’s because they are jealous of you. I know that’s a parental thing to say, but it’s true. They want what we have, and when they can’t have it, they steal it. Mexicans, too. They just stood and watched as I got the shit kicked out of me.”

Katie couldn’t help but feel sorry for Logan. “At least you had Trent. I’m glad you didn’t have to go at it alone.” And that was the honest truth. She had friends, but never ones who would stick around long enough, or even through the entire year. Logan’s situation would have been a lot worse if not for Trent, Katie was sure of it. She at least had her mom and dad and later on, Teal, but Logan only had his drunken uncle, Luke. “Things could have been real bad if he hadn’t helped, huh?”

“I probably would have gotten killed, so yeah, things would’ve been real bad if he hadn’t come along. Trent was into some real crazy stuff, and those thugs went running scared.” He laughed. “After that, I shaved my head, worked out every day, got a few custom tattoos, bought a gun, and dared those assholes to come near me.” Katie imagined a tall, well-built man, covered with tattoos, and a gun in his waistband. Besides the gun, the rest made a very sexy picture, even if she couldn’t imagine his face.

She lowered her voice, hoping to change the subject. “The picture you just painted doesn’t sound very intimidating to me.”

“Oh yeah?” She could hear him lick his lips. “What kind of picture are you imagining over there?” The timbre of his voice changed, leaving behind the anger and bringing forth something sexier, decadent even. After he’d hit on her during their first phone call—forcing her to hang up on him—she noticed he’d been choosing his words very carefully. However, little by little he’d been breaking down her walls, and on top of that, her loneliness was starting to get the better of her.

“Well,” she adjusted herself comfortably on her bed, “I can’t see your face of course, but you’ve said you are six foot two, you’ve worked out for the past fifteen years, and you eat right, taking pride in your body.” Katie sighed, and then let loose a little moan of appreciation. “You see what I’m getting at here?”

“Shit,” Logan whispered. “Yeah, I think I can see where your mind is going. You want to tell me more about that?”

Katie exhaled. “What the heck am I doing?” She sat up, her face hot with more than just nervousness. “I’m sorry.”

“Goddamn, girl. Don’t be sorry, be honest and tell me what you were thinking.” His voice was gruff, but not with anger.

Katie covered her mouth to keep her delighted laughter in.

At her silence, he whispered not unkindly, “Tease.”

“You know I don’t mean to be,” she said honestly. Katie was horny and so was Logan; she guessed eventually they’d joke and flirt about it, but that was it.

He cleared his throat, but she caught laughter in it. “I’m not sure. Babe, I’m gonna let you go. I need to call Trent and set up the money transfer to my canteen.”

Katie placed as much pout in her voice as she could. “Fine.” She could keep him on the phone longer if she wanted to, but she really did want him to set up a calling plan for them.

He groaned again, and Katie wasn’t too sure he was actually going to be making a phone call when he hung up, but maybe handling some personal business. Shame hit hard. She wasn’t a tease, and she didn’t want Logan rubbing one out on his own because of her. She sweetened her voice and said, “I have some preparing to do for this storm anyway, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

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**For Readers 17 and up due to language and adult situations**

     When the fuck had the roles reversed? In between his odd relationship with his crazy ex, and a few other women he’d dated, they were always trying to pin him down and get a move-in date. Some had even gone as far as to show him wedding dresses and floral arrangements. But, oh no, not Teal. She had to be a hard ass and make him fall to his knees for damned near everything.

     Trent was no pussy, but he’d reached the end of his rope. Maybe their relationship was lopsided? Maybe he wanted more than Teal was ready to give. Their relationship had started with an inevitable collision of lust and passion, but maybe the fog had lifted for her. Or maybe, Teal wanted Trent to beg. But he wasn’t about to do that. He and Teal would get together this summer, and he would convince her to move to Kentucky—even if she killed him in the process. Because after the dust had settled for him, after he’d reached a new clarity in his life, after he’d purged the shit from his life that was blinding him, all he could see, taste, and feel was Teal.

     Trent calmed, the anger leaving his body in a whoosh. He’d been holding back as well. He’d held back his need for her when he recognized her fear of what they had. He’d held back his love for her, for fear of drowning her in it. But he would do that no more.

     “I’m saying I bought you a ticket here for the celebration of the Fourth. I need to see you, and I fucking need to look in your eyes as you respond to the things I need to say.” When she was silent he added. “Logan already knows I won’t be up there, and he thinks it’s a fine idea that you head down here. I’ll see the girls some other time.”

     Only the rustling of covers alerted him to the fact Teal hadn’t hung up. He waited, hoping she wouldn’t lash out. He could only imagine the things rolling through her mind. The pressure to move forward in the relationship was building in his chest, and Teal was either going to give in, or Trent’s upper body cavity was going to explode.

     “Fuck, Teal.” His words came out in an exasperated breath. “Say something.”

     After a bit more shuffling and crackling over the line, Teal spoke. “How hot does it get in Kentucky? Am I headed to the bowels of hell, or is it more like the summers we have here?”

     Trent’s heart flooded with relief, and words—unintelligible words—left his mouth in a rush. The ease in her acquiescence confused the fuck out of him, but he would roll with it. Trent only comprehended some of the babble that left his mouth. Words like the devil’s ass and hot as fuck left in a rush.

     Shock didn’t come close to explaining how he felt about Teal coming to his home. He’d been prepared to beg, threaten, and if necessary, go to Vermont and abduct her ass. The fact that he would soon have his woman in his arms sent him into a tailspin.

     He listened as she moved around her condo, mentioning the fact she would not deal well with heat . . . and then there was something about humidity and her hair turning into a cotton ball. But Trent didn’t care if she shaved the shit off, as long as she got her ass on the plane and ended up in his home—soon.

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