Snickers...Naughty Bits!

We all love a steamy scene in a romance novel, right? I know I do, but have you ever wondered how an author creates that scene? Well, I do… I did until I wrote one for Running in the Dark! After writing a love scene for Immortal Heart last year, I wondered if it was steamy enough, but I didn’t have the guts to ask anyone. After reading a couple reviews, I learned that even though it wasn’t a super steamy scene, I had captured the beauty of the scene. Another reviewer said that I needed to have a career as a Romance Author because I had a way with romance. To that I say, “Thank you!”

Honestly, I think my real question is, “Am I the only author who giggles like a school girl when writing a love scene?” I mean really. I couldn't stop freaking giggling. At first, it was funny, but then it was just annoying. I mean, I am a thirty-one-year-old woman, so why do I blush like Catholic school girl at the mention of a man’s private parts. Yeah, I know, I should be able to type it out! If you were here with me as I type this you’d hear the giggling!

So how did I write my scene? Well, I got a glass of wine, sat down and opened my laptop. I stared at the screen for about an hour. I was so lost! I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew what I wanted my characters to do, but how did I want them to feel as well? If there was to be fallout, how would they deal with it? Then I realized that I was making these two scenes much more complicated than I needed them to be. So, I sat down with my glass of wine and created.