A future worth fighting for - Adult contemporary 

Safe behind the anonymity of a prison pen pal program, inmate Logan Whyte and novelist Katie Andreasson reveal their deepest secrets, and friendship grows into yearning. But as they break down emotional walls, a bitter truth reveals they aren’t just from different worlds—they’re from different races. Leaving them with the greatest challenge of all: to prove to themselves—and the outside world—that love is truly colorblind. This novel was originally intended to be a standalone, but by popular demand, there will be a second and FINAL book for Katie and Logan. The duology will also be in audioform. Teal and Trent learn to face his turbulent past together, but how can they have a future together when they are constantly fighting the sins of his past? This is an ongoing series that includes: Inevitable, Indelibleand Indebted

Few Are Angels Series - New Adult Paranormal romance

Bestselling romance author Inger Iversen brings you a new adult paranormal romance told from the heroine’s perspective that builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won’t see coming. Heart pounding action mixed with heartwarming friendships and heartbreaking romance will leave you breathless and begging for more in the four book series including: Immortal Heart, Few Are Angels, Awakened, Eternal Light, and the short story, After the Fall.

Running in the Dark series - New Adult paranormal romance

The Vampire Nation was created after the mass slaughter of humans in the 1400s, it is also the governing party for vampires, and the creators of vampire laws and rules. Trace, Bessina, and Jax learn of their corruption and fight to to keep their loved ones safe. This four book series contains: Running, Sinners, Confessions, and Absolution in the Dark. 

The Hour of Need / the hours series - release 2019

After a war is won the real battle begins. Three novels about Navy Seals, their paths to healing, and the strong women who help them find their way through the darkness. 

Blackwater renegades - TEAL & TRENT SPIN OFF - RELEASE 2018

Ace, Mutt, Gator, & Blu of the First Sons MC fight to stop a sex trafficking ring started by their very own President as tensions rise between the FBI and the neighboring MC. 

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LOVE against the odds - standalones - Adult contemporary

Missing Teal and Trent from Inevitable: Love & War? Check out Love Against the Odds a series of many standalones featuring Trent Reed's new employees! Rogue in Love, Open Wounds, and Weathered Soul.


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Strangers passing through. Friends seeing each other with new eyes. The hesitant touch of new lovers. A first glance. A first word. A first touch. A first kiss. Take a journey through thirteen erotic shorts, poems and art to relive that first-time feeling. Naughty Bedtime Stories: First Taste will stir the butterflies, curl the toes and send hearts racing. After all, nothing tastes as good as naughty feels…Naughty Bedtime Stories: Second Chances and Naughty Bedtime Stories: In Three Words .

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