Blackwater Shorts - Adult Contemporary

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When Spooky takes a solemn vow to protect Mia, he finds himself in over his head, but right where he belongs. Blackwater Savior is a SHORT story, the beginning of Spooky and Mia. 


When Blu is tasked with seducing Maxine, the enigmatic newcomer, to uncover her motives, he discovers there's more to this dagger-glaring, snark-spewing beauty than meets the eye. They share a deep well of unresolved pain that could make him drop his guard … and question his loyalties to the only people he's ever known as family.


NARRATOR: Olivia Peppersmith

When Katie joins a pen pal program for incarcerated felons, she starts writing to Logan — a complicated man who fell in with the wrong crowd. Katie never expected to feel anything for someone like Logan, but from a distance, a real connection blooms…

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Narrator: Quiana Goodrum

After agreeing to be best man at a friend’s wedding, Marine veteran Trent finds himself at odds with Teal, the bride’s take-charge maid of honor. But when the pair get trapped together in a dangerous snowstorm, a passionate connection will take them by surprise… 

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Indelible: Beneath His Ink

Narrator: Michael Pauley

Separated for too long, Teal and Trent can’t wait to be reunited. But Trent’s past — including a troubled ex and some explosive secrets — could threaten everything the couple holds dear…


Indebted: 'Til Death Do Us Part

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Narrator: TBA

An old debt is being called in, one that will pull Trent back into the world of sex, lies, and murder he's fought so hard to escape. And in the wake of devastating betrayals, he'll discover who is truly loyal to him, as he agrees to pay that debt with an unforgivable crime. 

Love Against the Odds | Adult Contemporary Romance


Love Against the Odds Boxset, Volume 1 Books 1 & 2

Books 1 and 2 in the Love Against the Odds featuring: Thea, Lex, Abel, and Hope.

Narrator: Michael Pauley


Forever is waiting just on the other side of the emotional walls towering between Thea and Lex. Walls that love could leap…if it’s strong enough to shed the weight of their pasts. 


Open Wounds: Abel & Hope

Narrators: Melissa Moran and Joe Hemple

Abel is in search of only two things: a stable job and a safe place to lay his head at night after a mistake that cost him eighteen months of his life. As if fate had plans made only for him Abel is offered a complicated job
And then he meets her …

Few Are Angels | New Adult Paranormal Romance


Narrator: Jim Kent

More than a century after the tragedy of Hélène's death and before Ella found Kale bruised and broken on her doorstep, Kale moved through the world in a haze of personal punishment allowing it to consume him. Until his friend, Detective Deacon a newly infected Chorý calls on him for a favor.


Narrator: Jelayna Rose

 War is raging between the Immortals and the Dark Prince’s army of half-breed vampires — and gifted Ella finds herself at the center. Can renegade half-breed vampire Kale keep her safe as their forbidden love awakens?


Narrator: Kevin Theis

Protecting Bessina means defying the leaders of the Vampire Nation, an act that has both Bessina and Trace running for their lives. The more Trace fights to disappear from danger, the more he unravels the secrets surrounding his world of lore - secrets he must unveil to finally save a life, instead of destroy it.


Sinners in the Dark

Depending on who you talk to, the Nation is either corrupt or a necessary evil. The Sect was formed to eradicate all things vampire, or maybe it’s just their mission to protect humans.


Confessions in the Dark

After narrowly escaping from Vasily’s compound, Ophelia is on the run and fighting for her life. Her first goal is to get some help; too bad she’s stuck on an island owned by Vasily. Her second and third goals consist of going back and freeing her people, and killing Vasily—not necessarily in that order.