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Exhaling loudly, he let the words just fall out. “You are the only reason I know love.” His face heated at the admission, but now that it was out there, he hoped the rest would make sense. “You know my parents didn’t give anything but fake tolerance.” Brought up as a man’s man, his head was at odds with the words his heart needed to say.

“Unconditional love. It’s what we were both after.” Logan didn’t look away from the snow as he continued speaking. “Shayla must have loved you at one point.”

“Shayla loves cock and money and it doesn’t matter who gives it to her, as long as she’s cumming too.” Logan let out a gruff bark of laughter, but Trent was serious as hell. “You loved me like a brother and I—”

Logan punched him hard on the arm, cutting off his words. “Love. No past tense. I love you like a brother.” His tone left no room for disagreement. “It’s the unconditional part. Now I have to put conditions on it. I can’t have my wife and kid around a—”

Trent held up a hand to stop the words. “I’m not a racist.” 



What starts as an accident turns to love setting Teal and Trent on an inevitable course of self-discovery and passion like they’ve never experienced before. 



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