Teaser Tuesday | Running in the Dark

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Woot! The time is near and I am working super hard to get this ready for your greedy little Kindles! So, here is a little peek at Running in the Dark.

*subject to change*

Staring at him was taking her concentration away from her plan to escape, but she couldn’t quite take her eyes off of him—golden brown hair, light green eyes, and creamy white complexion that held a hint of honey from the sun all called to her visual senses, meanwhile, her brain was clamoring for a way to escape. The white males on campus had never paid her much attention, and she had returned the favor. She’d never got a chance to marvel at their creamy complexion or to get lost in a bright green gaze. What the heck?

This guy could have very well killed two people, set them on fire, and come to hurt—no, silence her, and she was standing there, coming to some silly realization that maybe she had missed out on a certain population of guys based on the color of their skin. She sensed this like nothing ever before and even without the eerie sensation she could see it in his eyes and when she looked past his outer beauty, she could see it.

This man possessed a darkness in the depths of his gaze that held mysterious and sinister secrets. He was a killer and she sensed no matter how attractive this man was, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her if it suited his plans. He held himself in a constant state of readiness, muscles tensed, prepared to make a move. His eyes moved about, constantly assessing the situation.

She peeked down to the bulge at his hip and determined it was a weapon of some sort. He kept his hands extended to his sides keeping the weapon in reach at all times. Even as she sensed this from him, his movements and behaviors seemed practiced and a bit stiff as if he’d needed to pretend to be a normal man, though his stoic behavior showed him as nothing close to the type of men she’d known.  

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