Excerpt: Inevitable: Love and War



I started Inevitable with Teal helping Katie try on her wedding dress. Normally, I don't change the beginning of a novel, but something there didn't seem right. I was about 60,000 words into the novel before I realized that Trent needed a back story. The reader needed to see more of his past and since he is the main character I decided to go back to the beginning. Trent is 18 and in love for the first time in his life. High school is tough, his home life is unbearable, but Harper is at his side pushing him to reach for a bright future. Here is a peek from  Inevitable Part 1.




***Lightly edited some adult content***

Trent started his car and headed away from Harper’s house. “Where we headed?” he asked.

            Harper had just finished buckling her seat belt. “It’s a surprise, but it’s not far. Over on Delphanie Farms.” She smiled brightly.

Trent’s radio was busted, but that didn’t matter. It was never hard to have a conversation with Harper. She was always full of questions, advice, and ideas, that it made conversation long and plentiful. Tonight, however, she seemed quiet. Trent peered over to find her fiddling with the hem of her skirt, a nervous tell he’d picked up on months ago.

            “What’s over at the Farms?” he asked.

Delphanie Farms wasn’t a farm at all. It was a place where people with money went to “camp”. Apparently rich folk considered luxurious cabins and a large sprawling hotel as roughing it. Trent thought these people spent their money on some odd things.

            “Your birthday present.” Trent glanced over quickly when he heard the jingling of keys.

            “What?” Confusion and anticipation warred in his head.

            “The keys to the cabin my dad rented for our summer vacation.”

Trent gripped the steering wheel tightly at the thought of having Harper all alone in a cabin. He’d hoped she’d give herself to him, but never really expected her to do it so soon. Most of the girls he’d dated had given it up fast, but they were older, and more experienced; they had different expectations of him. A ball of nerves settled in his throat. He didn’t want to ask outright and sound like an idiot, but he needed confirmation.

            “You okay?” Harper asked. Most likely because he’d gone silent.

Just the thought of possibly being with Harper had him hard and his mind out of sorts. Trent pulled into the Farms. “Yeah, I’m just—“

            “Left here, at Haddow Street.”

He made a quick left and then wordlessly followed her directions until they pulled up to a medium-sized log cabin at the end of a cul-de-sac. He parked the car and turned it off.

            Harper turned in the seat, placing her feet in Trent’s lap, and eyed him. “What’s going on? You seem quiet.”

He looked down at the white heels hiding her brown toes. Pulling off a shoe, he massaged her soft foot. “I was going to ask you the same thing earlier.” He moved his ministrations up her calf, ending at the bottom of her thigh. She licked her lips in response to his attentions. “You want to tell me what all of this is about?” He motioned to the cabin.

As Harper bit her lip, his body went tight and his grasp on her leg slowly moved higher. At her silence, he prompted, “Baby, what do you want to give me for my birthday?”

            Harper smirked. “It’s twenty after midnight.” Trent glanced at the clock on the dash. “Happy birthday,” she whispered. Moving her legs out of his lap she slid over and placed a hand on his chest.

Trent didn’t have much in the way of nice clothes, but he’d wanted to dress up for the evening. He’d taken care in choosing the nicest button up shirt and cleanest pair of jeans he could find.

When Harper’s hand pushed past one of the buttons on his shirt and rested on Trent’s bare chest, a shock went through his body. It took everything he had to stay seated and keep his hands to himself.

She chose that moment to lean in and give him a timid kiss, before leaning back. Feeling like he wanted more, Trent moved his hand behind her head, tangled his fingers in her straight locks, and pulled her back to his lips. It was unreal how easily she came forward and opened for him. He loved how she fell into his lap as his kiss turned from soft and sweet, to a needing exploration.

Harper pulled away, rasping for air as she asked, “Want to go inside for the rest of your present?”

While his dick nearly jumped off his body and ran inside, Trent tried to play it cool. “That sounds like it might be a good idea.”

Harper moved from his lap and exited the car. Trailing behind her on the way up the drive, he slyly attempted to adjust his pants. Once inside the cabin, he was met with a foyer filled to the brim with pictures of the great outdoors. If you were rich and you were going to camp, he guessed you’d at least want to see trees and bears. Photos must do the trick.

Harper led him past the large living room painted in white and turquoise, and down the hall to the last door on the right. Pushing it open, she walked inside and turned on a light. Trent glanced around and saw she’d already been there earlier in the day. Her laptop was on the desk and a few of her clothes had been thrown on the sofa under the window.

            Harper easily cleared up any leftover confusion about what she wanted from him tonight when she kicked off her shoes and started to unbutton her skirt. Trent stood in stunned silence as the fabric fell from her legs and floated to the floor. Pausing to take it all in, Trent finally ambled forward and fell to his knees in front of her.

Never had he smelled such a sweet scent. Her vanilla perfume always drove him mad. It reminded him of how innocent, untouched, and fresh she was. She’d been saving herself and now Trent was the man she found worthy enough to give herself to. Knowing this made his chest swell with pride.