Teaser Tuesday | Sinners in the Dark

Every battle cannot be won, but once you are dead, when that moment has come, you have forever lost.
— Echo



*subject to change | lightly edited*

           With a carefree attitude she didn’t truly feel, Via swayed to the heavy bass filled music. In the past, Via yearned for a time in which she could live a carefree life and experience casual encounters like every other twenty-something out there, but as soon as the scent of the vamp filled her senses Via realized that for her, that day would never come.

            A hand wrapped tightly around her wrist and yanked from in between the dancing couple, and she watched as they resumed their earlier grinding. Via twisted her wrist, using a bit more strength than she’d intended. She had to play this just right. Echo had clued her in to this vamp and the fact that the Sect had hunted him before.

            Taking a deep breath, Via loosened her body pushing the tension from her muscles, and leaned back into the vamp. Waves of curiosity mixed with anger and hunger settled around her, yet still, the vamp wrapped an arm around her waist and moved with her swaying body to the music. Via attempted not to shudder, but the idea of the blood sucking fiend touching her had her body shaking from head to toe.

            “At the bar,” she could feel his warm breath against her skin as he spoke, “what did you call me?” His voice was deep and thick, and he carried the same accent as Echo’s, but with this vamp, his words were stilted as if he were new to speaking English. He pulled her closer, and to bystanders it would look as if their dance had just gotten a bit more intimate; however, for Via, his grip was actually restricting her ability to move. “I ask because I assume a smart woman,” as he spoke his hand moved from her waist and slowly slid up to her neck, “would think twice before speaking of vampires.”

            Via pulled away only to move a mere inch; his grasp was tight and unyielding. She was well aware that her blood mixed with Echo’s flowed through her veins, and as a result, she knew this vamp had no misgivings about her creatures’ of the night knowledge. However, this would definitely set her apart from the blondes at the bar. “I only speak the truth, and you are a vampire.” Via’s heart thundered in her chest. Her normal plan of action with killing vamps was to hunt them from the darkness and then kill them. Never had she used an up close and personal plan of attack, and never had she used her blood or body as bait.

            As the song transformed into a slow, sexy, pulsing beat allowing for a more sensual dance, the vamp pressed his body closer to hers and moved as if they were a couple contemplating leaving together. “Truths? Ah, I see, and a truth I sense is that you are a blood whore, yes?” She stiffened, offended that this piece of crap had the nerve to call her a whore. Yeah, she was playing the role of a blood whore by calling him out and acting as if she was interested in his fangs, but the accusation still sent anger and heat flooding through her veins. Whore, she could brush off, but blood whore? “I can smell the blood of an immortal flowing throughout you.” His grip tightened painfully around her waist and his voice held a tinge of anger. Swaying with the beat, he added, “This means you have no way to repay me for the beverage you forced me to buy for you if your blood is diluted with that of another immortal's blood.”

          Via chuckled at his anger. “Is that the going rate for a sip of blood?” She used a bit of her enhanced strength to twist around in his arms. “A mere rum and Coke?” Ice blue eyes bore into her, filling her with a sense of danger. Her heart rate tripled and a warm flush stole over her body. Via loved danger and tonight was no different.