Indebted: Til Death Do Us Part


Indebted: Til Death Do Us Part

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Battling her inner demons is destroying her, and he's hellbent on saving her.

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From Inger Iversen, the forth book in a best-selling BWWM romance series, A Future Worth Fight For that reaches across the great divide between prejudice and love. 

Months after opening up his heart - and his past - Trent is looking forward to a future with his new bride and daughter. He's recovered from the near-fatal shooting, hopes to purchase a farm for his beloved Teal, and is building a life free from the horrors of his past. 

Only, the past has a bad habit of never staying buried, and now it's coming after his entire family. Trent didn't reveal all his secrets to Teal, and the deepest, darkest secret he'd always kept just out of reach is about to break the surface. 

An old debt is being called in, one that will pull Trent back into the world of sex, lies, and murder he's fought so hard to escape. And in the wake of devastating betrayals, he'll discover who is truly loyal to him, as he agrees to pay that debt with an unforgivable crime. 

Trent will stop at nothing to keep Teal and his daughter safe. Even if that means losing them forever.