She’d felt the spark of temptation down to her very marrow. Dex wanted her—he wanted to fuck her. And this was the position she’d found herself in with Javi—an incredibly sexy and seemingly unattainable man sporting affections for her. This was the reason the second the connection broke, she refused to give it the spark it needed to flame again.

Spooky, with his light Irish brogue, spoke, “Good. Hope you feel better soon, Nina.” Heading to the door, he turned and called over his shoulder, “Get your ass in gear, Dex.” He left the diner, leaving her alone with the man with the piercing mahogany-colored eyes with his hand hidden beneath the table.

Turning to face him, but refusing to give him her eyes, she stated, “Um … thanks for sitting with me while—”

“Don’t thank me,” he warned in a roughened voice.

His gravel-laden tone forced her eyes to his darkening orbs, which turned a smoky onyx as he took her in. Her body heated and her core damned near melted from his gaze. Maybe, just maybe she could offer him one night? It didn’t have to go further than that.

“Don’t you fucking thank me for being your babysitter.” Sighing, he thrust his fingers through his chocolate-colored locks. “Hell, I don’t even know what just happened or what this is.” He shook his head as if clearing it, but his gaze still held the smoky intensity of desire and longing. “But I wasn’t babysitting you. I may have thought so at first, but yeah … like I said, it felt more like a first date type shit.”

She cocked a brow, wondering what kind of first dates this man had attended similar to their odd meeting. Nevertheless, a smile played about her lips, because in this brief yet exciting encounter she realized she actually liked Dexter. And after finals, if he steps foot into the clinic, I’m going to ask him to

And then he stood, cutting off her thoughts. All 6’4, broad shoulders, thick pecs and … hard cock. He didn’t even try to hide it; he wore it like a badge of honor proudly displayed for all to see. Her eyes stayed at his crotch on their own accord, too weak to pull her gaze away. Her breath caught in her chest and her core melted into a puddle of  ‘I need this right now.’

He cleared his throat, but when she raised her eyes she saw on his face the satisfaction at her prolonged stare. “If you want it, say the words.” The husky tone sent another wave of heat throughout her.

Cocky bastard, she thought, but damned if it didn’t look like Dex had a reason to be. She swallowed hard because she had just promised herself a rendezvous with this man directly after her finals, and here it was, her chance to make that meeting come true.

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