Bratva: Brothers in Sin Part 1

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Bratva FRONT.jpg

Bratva: Brothers in Sin Part 1


Brothers in Sin Short

By: Inger Iversen

“You want to live?” Sergei’s dark Russian voice rained down on her, along with the smoke and ash. The destroyed building crumbled around them. 

Her body burned in pain, but she forced a nod. 

“Good, then remember—you did not see shit, you did not hear shit, and you do not know shit, da?” 

Unfortunately, Jade had seen shit, heard shit, and definitely knew shit. 

The man, known as Sergei Yazov, towered above her promising hope and a new life, but at what cost?

Bratva: Brothers in Sin Part 1

© 2014 Inger Iversen

All rights reserved.

Published by: Inger Iversen Books, LLC

All of the situations and characters in this novel are fictional. Any similarities to actual people or situations are completely coincidental and wholly unintentional.

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Cover Artwork, Cover fonts, Spine, and Back Cover done by: Taria Reed Digital Artist  

Inger Iversen